Three main differences between useReducer and useState hook

useReducer and useState are both hooks in React allow you to manage the state within your components. They are similar in that they both allow you to store and update values within your component, but they have some key differences:

  • Complexity: useReducer is more powerful and flexible than useState, but it can also be more verbose and require more setup. useState is simpler and easier to use, but it is not suitable for all state management scenarios.
  • Performance: useReducer can be more efficient in certain cases because it allows you to batch updates to the state and avoid unnecessary re-renders. useState will always re-render the component when the state updates, which can lead to slower performance in some cases.
  • Sharing state logic: useReducer allows you to share state logic between multiple components by extracting the reducer function and using it with useReducer in multiple components. useState does not have this ability, and you must duplicate the state logic in multiple components.

You might consider using useReducer for complex state logic, optimizing performance, or sharing state logic between components. useState is a good choice for simple state updates or when you don't need the additional features provided by useReducer.

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