Discover the meaning and purpose of web hooks, a technique used for connecting different applications and services together.

Tue Jan 24, 2023

A webhook is a way for one application to provide information to another application through the internet. It is a way for one system to send a message to another system automatically without the need for human intervention. Webhooks are often used to connect different applications and services together so that when something happens in one application, it can trigger an action in another application. For example, a webhook might notify a chat application when a new customer signs up on a company's website.

How to set up webhooks using express js?
  • Install the Express.js framework by running the command npm install express in your project's directory.
  • In your Express.js app, create a new route that will handle the webhook request. This route will be the endpoint to which the other application will send the webhook request. You can use the function to create a new route that handles HTTP POST requests.'/webhook', (req, res) => { // Handle the webhook request here });
  • In the route's callback function, you can access the data sent in the webhook request using the req.body object. You can then process this data and take any necessary actions.
  • You can send a response to the other application to confirm that the webhook has been received. You can use the res.send() function to send a response back to the calling application.'/webhook', (req, res) => { // Handle the webhook request here res.send('Webhook received'); });
  • Finally, it would be best if you started your Express.js server. You can use the app.listen() function to start the server on a specific port.
app.listen(3000, () => { console.log('Webhook server is listening on port 3000'); });

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